encouraging people to find the

secret of inner peace

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Debby's book, DON'T PANIC is now available through, click on the book to order!

DON'T PANIC is Debby's personal story of love, loss, grief, joy, and her journey to finally finding TRUE REST. Through sharing her uttermost secrets and struggles, Debby grabs the hand of her reader and takes them on an adventure from the sacred halls of Oral Roberts University, to a life in the Playboy Mansion, and ultimately caring for the physically and mentally challenged. It will astound with details of her experiences in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, yet touch your heart in ways you never imagined.

Designed as a Faith based inspirational book to attaining the secret of TRUE REST, Debby guides her readers to take moments at the end of every chapter to reflect how their story can parallel hers. 

DON'T PANIC is designed as a

personal guide and journal to inner peace and rest.


"Debby is a world class speaker, author, and communicator. Her love shines through her eyes, and you can hear the joy of the Lord through every word she speaks. Debby shares her wealth of knowledge in a way that relates to every age group. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event. Churches worldwide will benefit from hearing her wisdom, and learning how to find


Kirsten Hart

TV Host of Zola Levitt Presents

"Deborah Keener is a faithful witness and a tried and true disciple of Jesus. In fact, we've known her for a long time and consider her to be a sort of 'Ruth' to my wife Shirley's 'Naomi'. Yes, it's a true story of redemption, grace, and provision.

I think you'll love her book." 

Pat Boone 

Singer, Composer, Actor, Writer ,Television Personality